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Journal Papers
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Gharemahmudli, S., Sadeghi, S. H., Sadeghi, V. S., Najafinejad, A., & Jafarpoor, A. (2022). Morphometrical analysis of cracks and crevices on a cyanobacterized soil surface subjected to a freeze-thaw cycle using image processing. Catena, 213, 106150. Spring 2022
SADEGHI V., "A Study on Effective Parameters in CPPLLs' Transient Behavior", Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 10, No. 2, PP. 41_45, 2017. October 2017
ADIBAN H., SADEGHI V., "An electronic differential light wavelength sensor based on Michelson interferometer", OPTICA APPLICATA, Vol. 45, No. 3, PP. 419_428, 2015 June 2015
KENNEDY M., SADEGHI V., "Observations concerning PFD/CP operating point offset strategies for combatting static charge pump mismatch in fractional-N frequency synthesizers with digital delta-sigma modulators", NOLTA, Vol. 5, PP. 349_364, 2014. July 2014
SADEGHI V., MIAR-NAIMI H., "A new fast locking charge pump PLL: analysis and design", ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, Vol. 74, PP. 569_575, 2013. June 2013
SADEGHI V., MIAR NAIMI H., KENNEDY M., "The Role of Charge Pump Mismatch in the Generation of Integer Boundary Spurs in Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers: Why Worse Can Be Better", IEEE TRANS. ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS, Vol. 60, No.12 November 2013
SADEGHI V., MIAR NAIMI H., "A new analytical approach to predicting cycle-slipping in charge pump PLLs", COMPEL-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR COMPUTATION AND MATHEMATICS IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, Vol. 33, PP. 527_539, 2013. December 2013
Conference Papers
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SADEGHI V., "Possible Applications of Memristor in Bio-Amplifiers", Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Applications of Advanced Technologies: Biological Sciences, PP. 10_18, 2021. January 2021
ADIBAN H., SADEGHI V., ROSHANDEL S., NEGAHDARI S., SAKIANI S., "Modulating two Independent Signals Simultaneously on Single Optical Wavelength", Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Smart Computing & Communications (ICSCC) , 2019. Summer 2019
KENNEDY M., HU G., SADEGHI V., "Observations Concerning Noise Floor and Spurs Caused by Static Charge Pump Mismatch in Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers", Proceedings of 25th IET Irish Signals & Systems Conference 2014 (ISSC 2014/CIICT 2014) , 2014. June 2014

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